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Jail Regulations
  1. Each inmate will be issued the necessary bedding and hygiene items that have been approved by the
    Sheriff and will be responsible for these items at all times during confinement. Linens will be changed
    once weekly.
  2. Each inmate will be responsible for doing his/her share in keeping the jail facility clean:
    • The cells shall be swept daily and the floors and walls washed as needed.
    • The latrine shall be cleaned daily.
    • Trash shall be placed in proper receptacles.
    • Good personal hygiene will be the rule-with bathing at least ONCE per day.
  3. The entire jail facility will be subject to inspection at any time.
  4. All prisoner mail will be subject to inspection at any time.
  5. Mail call will be once daily.
  6. Visiting hours are from 1400 to 1600 hours (2pm-4pm) on Tuesday and Thursday. Prisoners are allowed
    to visit ONLY ONE of these days per week.
  7. Special visits are by appointment only and approved by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator.
  8. No gambling will be permitted.
  9. Laundry shall be cleaned by the inmate’s family until such time as funds are available for a laundry
  10. One TV and one radio will be allowed per cell.
  11. ALL TV’s and radio’s shall be turned off between the hours of 2300-0600 (11pm-6am).
  12. All personal items kept in the cell shall be placed under the bunk and kept in a neat pile or box.
  13. There will be no more than three games to a cell and someone will be responsible for keeping them
    picked up.
  14. No Tobacco Products will be allowed in the Jail
  15. Inmates are required to be fully dressed during meals, any time in the community area and any time
    outside the cell area.
  16. NO ink pens allowed in the cells.
  17. NO tattooing allowed in the jail.
  18. NO aerosol or spray cans allowed.
  19. All personal hygiene items will be in new, clear plastic unopened containers.
  20. All reading material will be inspected before allowed into the jail.
  21. Phone service may be monitored at any time.
  22. Property will only be allowed during regular visiting days.
  23. Inmates reporting to jail will only be accepted at 0800 (8am) and 1800 hours (6pm).
  24. Lights out time between the hours of 2300-0600 (11pm-6am).
  25. Inmates shall have their family bring them necessary items. Deputies WILL NOT buy items for inmates.
  26. Items inmates may have are listed on a separate attached sheet to the Jail Policies.
  27. Inmates may buy phone cards for phone usage or call collect from phone inside the cell.
  28. Inmates are required to get up during mealtime and retrieve their meals.
  29. Failure to comply with any of the Jail Policies will result in disciplinary action.

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